Saturday, September 05, 2009

What Keeps you Coming Back to a Blog?

I know why people blog. They want to keep in touch with family who are far away, they want a place to share their thoughts, whether it evokes laughter or tears. Some do it to catalog their recipes online and not scattered throughout the house on various note cards. Others do it to share their love of scrapbooking or photography.

What I want to know is what keeps you coming back to a person's blog. As I've said before, there are literally thousands of blogs to choose from. This is something I've pondered for awhile now. Is it the design of the person's blog, the content, their humor?


The Blog Makeover Girl said...

For me its often that I've got to know somebody while doing their makeover and I've found that I've got something in common wit them or their blog content. I think blogs that are more interactive lso draw me back more - by that I mean ones that ask for reader feedback and things like that.

louise x

shelley said...

hi there,
i write to share my families story so that people understand about special needs families a little more. i love all of my followers and i love following others who follow along, getting to know peoples interests and stories is interesting. have a great day!

boo.mama said...

I just follow whatever catches my attention. I love blogs that follows a person's life, hardships, etc. I also love the laughter and photography blogs!

Gwen said...

The friendships I form keep me coming back. It's also a plus to find people that are happy and share a common interest with me. But I read all different types of blogs daily. Even some written by very funny talented men!!! XOXO