Friday, May 06, 2016

Freewriting Day 4: Shift

Shift. Movement. Tilting. 

There is chaos at every turn. Things are uncertain. Why are people harming their own flesh and blood?

There is a shift. You might not see it. You may be blinded by the problems looming in front of you. But it is happening. Little by little things have shifted. A downward spiral. A train that senses danger is near, but there is nowhere to go. Nowhere to land. 

We've got off course. We've forsaken what is right. We have forgotten what is good. Evil lurks on every corner. And it's not hidden anymore. It's out in the light for everyone to see.

Addiction. Pain. Turmoil. A push pull of sorts. Some want to do good, but they are pulled to the other side. It's because of the shift. It's the time and tide. There is a season for everything. This is the season of the shift.

Which way will you go? There is no room for indecision. You must make a choice. When the dust settles, where will you be?

Stop pretending. Find solid ground or you will be sorry in the end. The shift waits for no one. Will you be ready?