Monday, May 25, 2015

Staying Focused through Physical Pain

Arrow Sign on the Road © sardinelly via

I am having to stay focused on my goals right now. I can't think about how things were several years ago. I remind myself over and over of the phrase, "You can't go forward looking back."

To stay focused and joyful while dealing with pain, I set small goals. I do a few exercises. I read a few chapters in a book.

Another way I stay focused is by relaxing. Your muscles tense up when in pain. I have to be intentional when relaxing. I take deep breaths and focus on something else besides pain. Sometimes I sing. Sometimes I think about going on an adventure with my mom.

I rehearse the positive things I've done during the day. The biggest thing for me is to just keep moving forward. Even if I can't quite sit up a whole day, I do something. Most of us get bogged down by the fact that we are not where we want to be so we end up in a rut without realizing it.

My encouragement to myself and to you today is this: Do something different today. If you usually walk for a mile, go for a mile and a half today. You can do it! And you will be so proud of yourself for pressing forward in spite of those negative thoughts that try to creep in. You are stronger than you think!