Friday, October 18, 2013

Three Weeks Post-Op

Today I am three weeks post-op. I am honestly happy that I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday so I can get out of the house. I tried to go to church on Sunday night, making sure to elevate my leg in the car and in the service. It was hard to restrain myself during the worship. My wheelchair was rocking - literally. Even though the brakes were on. I was so happy to be back for a service! I had to say to myself, "Madison, you have GOT to calm down." So, clapping in a restrained manner would have to suffice for the evening. Everything went well until about 5:30 a.m. My left leg was throbbing and the medication was taken to no avail. I woke my mom up and iced it for a little over forty minutes.

Finally, sweet relief. But, this was coupled with frustration and disappointment that I wasn't quite ready to be doing much...even if that something was just a little something in the grand scheme of things. Couple these feelings with an overdose of Food Network's "Cupcake Wars" and TLC's "Four Weddings,""Say Yes to the Dress," and the bittersweet wrap-up of "What Not to Wear", and I have been a little stir crazy in the house. My hips have been kind of hurting me at night, and I know why now. Transferring from the bed to the wheelchair at least five times a day and more to the lift chair if my nephew is visiting is tiring. 

But, every time I sit in my lift chair in the living room, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all of the people who played a part in helping me get that. It really has helped me during this recovery. I love each and everyone of you for your small acts of kindness and words of encouragement.

I will get through this. Three weeks have passed. I know some people who have it tremendously worse than me. Deaths, sickness, and kidnaps, and injustices abound. It is then that I sit here typing on my laptop writing, being, living, recovering. Some don't get that chance, and for that I am truly grateful. Every day I get a little bit stronger, really. That's not just a catchy saying. 

I know I will look back on this post and laugh eventually. :) 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Raw Footage

It's been two weeks since my surgery, and I'm doing good. My doctor is pleased so I am very happy that things are healing well and there are no signs of infection. I have four more weeks of no weight bearing on my left foot. 

I thought I would share some pictures my mom took on my doctor's appointment on Wednesday. WARNING: If you have a squeamish stomach, you will probably want to stop reading now. 

I'm sharing these images in the hopes of showing every side of my recovery. It's raw, real, and unedited. The yellow color on my feet and toes is the cleaning solution used on my wounds when I go to the doctor. I am limited to sponge baths right now because the cast can't get wet.

big toe fusion, incision, steri strips, post-op scar

heel cord incision, steri strips, foot surgery

This last picture shows two small incisions on my heel where the Achilles tendon was lengthened. 

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Out of Commission Due to Surgery #6

Well, it's been eight days since I've had a fusion of the metatarsal joint of my left big toe and lengthening of my Achilles tendon. It was done on September 27, 2013. This is my sixth major surgery, not including a biopsy I had done. You can find out more about my surgeries here. I've had lots of surgeries, just never any on my feet. This is uncharted territory for me, but I am up for the challenge because I want to be able to walk again and not have to use the wheelchair as I've said in previous posts.

I'm doing pretty well. I just can't put any weight on my left foot for six weeks. The first two nights home were rough because I am used to transferring from my bed to my wheelchair with no help. Since my left leg must be elevated, my mom has had to help me more. That has been an adjustment. :) The first post-op visit with my doctor showed that my foot looked great. I usually have never taken many pictures before or after my surgeries as I have gotten older, but I thought it would be good for people to see and know what I am going through.

Here are some pictures: (click to enlarge)

foot surgery, unstable foot, toe problems, toes crossing

My left foot is the one with the big toe entirely under my second toe. This was making me very unstable. It was just hard to move around in general and put clothes on, even with my walker right in front of me.

foot surgery, cast, post op picture

post op pain, foot recovery

These next two pictures were taken right after I was brought back into my room from recovery to see my mom. I was kind of emotional as you can see. The one good thing about this surgery is I haven't experienced any of the intense vomiting that I have had with other surgeries. I also got to sleep in my on bed that night because this was an outpatient surgery - a first for me!

I will give another update next week when x-rays are taken.