Monday, November 14, 2011

Little Victories

My blond headed little cousin, Keller, came walking into my room on Friday like he always does.  Pointing to my laptop, I knew he wanted to watch Giggle Bellies.  Giggle Bellies is a fun, educational DVD of many songs for kids.  It's also on YouTube.  I play some for him, and he LOVES them!  His favorites are "Wheels on the Bus" and Old MacDonald Had a Farm.  They have the cutest characters and music!

There he was, by my bed.  The only problem was there was no one there to lift him up.  I haven't lifted a child at all since my back surgery almost four years ago.  I couldn't let him just stand there, so I lifted him.  I couldn't quite get him up high enough.  Setting him back on the ground, I tried again.  Still not quite good enough.  I knew I could do if I tried hard enough.  So, I took a deep breath while leaning just a little bit over my bed.   I'm thankful for my long arms during times like these. :) 

Next, something unexpected happened.  Keller started helping me!  He tried to put his feet on the rail of my bed.  That gave me just the push I needed to get him on my bed.  Finally, he was on the bed and ready for Giggle Bellies (or so I thought).  

He kept trying to climb over me.  I couldn't figure out what he wanted beside me.  Finally, my mom came in my room and said, "He's wanting to lay beside you like he's done before."  So, THAT'S what he wanted!  Laying his little head on my pillow, I hit play on the video.  You would have thought he was in heaven!  I was too!   I was so proud of myself for being able to lift him without hurting him or myself!  Sometimes I forget to share the little victories I have on here.  I am making an effort to get better about that, starting today!


BK said...

Little victories add up to big victories!