Monday, June 21, 2010

A Different Kind of Q&A

I'm sure I piqued your interest with my last post because cerebral palsy isn't often talked about from a point of view like mine. Sadly, most children with CP (this is the abbreviation for cerebral palsy) can't talk and are totally dependent on their parents.

Blonde Duck asked a question that I thought would be best shared with everyone. "Do people ever try to help you too much, like just totally go overboard and treat you like a baby?"

For the most part, no. My Mama has raised me to be independent. If I can do it myself, I will. Sometimes I have to remind people of that. :) For the past few years, things have changed a little bit. Since the infection(aka mystery diagnosis by the doctors) happened soon after my spinal fusion, I didn't get my mobility back right away like I should have because I was bedridden unexpectedly. My mom has to help me put my pants and shoes on...for now. I'm constantly working to regain the motion of bending in my back. I can bend a little, but I have to be careful.

One thing that has changed in me as a result of everything is my level of humility. I didn't like to ask for help because I didn't want to be a burden on anyone. Now, if someone wants to open the door I let them because it's an opportunity for them to do something for me while feeling good about themselves.

I normally don't do many Q&As, but I thought I would open this up to my readers. Have any questions about cerebral palsy or my life? Ask away! (Email is always open, too.) I'll answer them on Wednesday or Thursday.


Gwen said...

I think many people feel like a disabled person needs help at all times. I know from experience with my mom she would let us know when she needed or wanted help and at first it was hard to figure that out. But once we did it made everything more comfortable for us all. Thank you for sharing your story. XOXO

sybilsanders said...

I am so glad you are independent, but you know if you need help, all of us are there to help. You are the most remarkable young lady and we are so proud of you. If everybody had your attitude, this world would be a wonderful place to live.