Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Memories Rewind: Wrong Number

We had just sat down to a lunch of hot dogs and chips at Papa's house. The phone interrupted our conversation. "Is this the Bantam Chef?" I have to stop here to say that my Papa loves to play jokes on people.

"Yep." he says with a serious face.

"Well, what's on special today?" the man asked. By this time, my brother and I were covering our mouths to stifle the laughter.

"We have hot dogs and chips with a side of pickle" Papa replied. The man was still clueless that he had not called Bantam Chef. He repeated his order and hung up fully expecting hot dog, chips, and a pickle for lunch. As soon as the phone hit the receiver, laughter erupted from our mouths! We had been quiet during the entire phone call, which seems like an eternity to a couple of kids.

I couldn't believe Papa had truly fooled that man. I was amazed because I hadn't had quite as many jokes under my belt. I couldn't help but wonder how that man reacted when he didn't get the hot dog special as I bit into my hot dog.

Have you ever played a joke on someone? I'd love to hear it!