Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween: Then and Now

I had planned to do a cool post with pictures about how Halloween has changed over the years. We were in W@l Mart looking at the Halloween stuff, which ranged from baby and toddler costumes, sexy children's costumes, and adult costumes.

Side by side were a pair of Dorothy costumes. The only problem is that one of the choices was the sexy version complete with low cut corset like top sexy tights and sky high stilettos. No wonder kids today are growing up too fast. Where are the role models? The ones that inspire kids to be different, to be themselves and not care what others think?

When I was growing up, Halloween was all about fun and candy. I wasn't trying to get some guy's attention. I was trying to fill my basket up. :) Some of my friends posted several different costume options on their MySp@ce to see which one was the favorite of the crowd. Now they have sExy firefighters, cave women, sailors, race car drivers, and boxing champions. What really surprised me was this:

A sexy butterfly costume (that most preteens think is perfectly fine because that's what the media says). What is up with that?!

I was a princess one year. What did you dress up as a kid for Halloween?

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The Blonde Duck said...

I was always a princess!